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Removal of Manager

If you need to remove a manager of your company, please click the following button and place order online.

Removal of Shareholder

Frequently Asked Question

Can I remove the manager from the company in Malaysia?

Yes, a manager can be removed from his position under Malaysian company law. According to the Companies Act 2016, shareholders may remove a director by passing a resolution to do so at a meeting of shareholders. The Companies Act 2016 also states that the directors must act in the best interests of the company, and must not use their position for personal gain. If shareholders feel that a manager is not acting in the best interests of the company, they may vote to remove him from his position.

What are the procedures to remove a manager?

There are a few procedures that must be followed in order to remove a manager from a company in Malaysia, according to the 2016 Malaysian Company Act. First, a board resolution must be passed by the board of directors stating that the manager is being removed. Then, a special resolution must be passed by the shareholders of the company, either at a shareholders’ meeting or through a vote by proxy. Once these resolutions have been passed, the manager can be officially removed from their position.

What is the SSM fee for removing a manager?

The fee depends on the service provider. OneCompany charges RM 250 per manager removed. The removal of a manager can only take place if the company has passed a special resolution to do so. In order to pass this resolution, at least 75% of the shareholders must vote in favor of it.

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