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CIDB Licenses

The CIDB license is required to operate a construction-related business in Malaysia. All contractors in Malaysia must obtain a CIDB license in order to operate legally. If you need a CIDB license, please click the following button and order online.

CIDB Licenses

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Frequently Asked Question

What is a CIDB license?

A CIDB license is required in order to work on construction projects in Malaysia. It is issued by the Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) and demonstrates that individuals have the necessary skills and knowledge to safely and effectively carry out their job. 

Why do I need a CIDB license?

You must need a CIDB license to undertake construction-related activities in Malaysia. The Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) issues the permit, indicating that the holder has the necessary skills and experience to carry out construction work safely and efficiently.

What are the requirements for a CIDB license?

The requirements for a CIDB licence vary depending on the type of construction business. To apply for a CIDB licence, businesses must submit an application form and supporting documents to the CIDB. Once approved, CIDB requires payment before releasing the CIDB certificate. Businesses will then be required to attend an interview if CIDB has any enquiry.

What are the categories of CIDB licenses?

CIDB licenses are divided into different grades, from 1 to 7. The higher the grade, the more work you’re allowed to carry out. In Malaysia, most contractors are registered under Grade 4 or 5. 

Grade 1 is the lowest level of CIDB registration and allows contractors to carry out very small-scale jobs such as repair work or renovation. Grade 2 permits slightly more complex work, such as building houses and small office buildings. Grade 3 opens up even more potential projects, such as building high-rise buildings and highways. Grades 4 and 5 are the most common in Malaysia, allowing contractors to undertake various construction projects.

How much does a CIDB license cost?

You must first determine your grade to obtain a CIDB license in Malaysia. CIDB grades 1 to 7 are available, with the fees increase as the grade level goes up. Grade 1 is the entry-level and thus has the lowest cost, while grade 7 is the highest level and has the highest fee.

When to renew the CIDB license?

If you’re working in the construction industry in Malaysia, you’ll need to ensure your CIDB licence is up to date. The Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) is responsible for ensuring that all construction industry workers are properly licensed. In order to work in the construction industry in Malaysia, you must have a valid CIDB licence. CIDB licences are valid for a maximum of three years, after which they must be renewed. 

What is the paid-up capital requirement?

Minimum paid-up-capital for a local ownership company is RM 250,000, for a joint venture with Malaysian is RM 350,000, and for a foreign ownership company is RM 500,000.

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