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 Get Your Commercial Sublease Agreement Online

A commercial sublease agreement is a contract between the tenant of a property and a subtenant. The agreement sets out the terms and conditions of the sublease, such as the duration of the sublease, the rental amount, and the maintenance and repair obligations of the parties. It is important to seek legal advice when drafting a commercial sublease agreement to make sure that it is properly tailored to your needs. OneCompany can help you draft a custom commercial sublease agreement for your Malaysian business that takes into account your company’s specific needs and requirements.

Commercial Sublease Agreement

Frequently Asked Question

Why Do You Need A Sublease Agreement?

There are many reasons why you might need a sublease agreement. For example, you may need to sublet your property if you are moving to a new location and want to keep your old property as an investment. Or, you may need to sublet your property if you are having financial difficulties and can no longer afford the rent. Whatever the reason, a sublease agreement can protect your rights and interests as the tenant of the property.

What We Include in a Sublease Agreement

 The property’s address and a description of it; 

  • The names of the landlord, tenant, and subtenant; 
  • The date the sublease starts and ends; 
  • The amount of rent, how often it should be paid, and when it is due; 
  • What the rent covers and what the subtenant is responsible for (for example, Council Tax, and utilities); 
  • Any restrictions on how the property can be used ; 
  • The landlord and tenant’s responsibilities for keeping in good repair and condition, decorating and maintaining any gardens; 
  • Landlord’s consents that may be required, for example, for alterations to the property or for keeping pets; 
  • Whether the subtenant can sublet the property or take in lodgers; 
  • The amount of any deposit and how it will be protected; 
  • An inventory of contents and condition of the property, if appropriate. 
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